My First Terrarium

Day after day, nature is painting for us an infinite beauty.  Too often, however, we fail to marvel at the planetary colors.

It’s a natural instinct for humans to breathe, and as for myself, breathing the clean air while being surrounded by trees and fresh, living things is truly a luxurious experience.  I would enjoy living each day in the company of flowers and trees and little critters, but the kind of life I’m currently living wouldn’t permit me to do so.

So, in the midst of my busy work schedule and the powerful urge within me to connect with nature as much as possible, I sought for the horizon between the two.

And viola! I made a terrarium.

Terrariums are fantastic little worlds.  Creating a little world in this rather small world is surprisingly an easy and fun experience.  Here’s how I made my first terrarium:


One good thing about terrariums is that it can come in different shapes and sizes, whatever you prefer.  When I made my first terrarium, I got a clear glass container with a wide opening at the top so it would be easy for me to put the plants inside–it’s my first time, anyway–and chose one with a rubber lining on the lid so the moisture inside would be locked in.


Next, I put in some gravel at the bottom part, the purpose of which is to filter the water as it seeps through the soil.  On top of the first layer I added some activated charcoal, this is to keep the air inside the terrarium from getting stank.  On the topmost part I had some good, loose soil and, of course, two healthy earthworms!


Then I started adding my plants.  I had one variety of a little pine tree planted inside my terrarium and a kind of aerial plant I got from our front yard.  I also put in a little log to make it look like a little forest.


I added some pebbles and stones as decorations.  This is probably the best part, decorating your own little world and the excitement the thought of how it would turn out later brings.  During this time, I was hesitant if the fern I put inside would even live up to a week!


Satisfied with how my terrarium looked, I spritzed some water on the plants and finally closed the lid of the glass container.

A few hours later, processes interacting inside the little ecosystem are already evident.  The glass moistens inside and soon it started to rain in the tiny world inside the glass.  The plants are most probably happy and I guess the earthworms are, too.


To date, which is exactly a month and a half after I made this terrarium, my fern still lives. (Long live the fern!) My earthworms peak out of the soil from time to time, and roots have started crawling on the glass, making my terrarium look so much better that it previously did.


Had I permitted my busy work schedule to take control over one of my truest passions, which is the love of nature, I wouldn’t have had this living terrarium.  I’m just so happy with it because I can easily bring it anywhere I like–when I’m reading I can put it in the table beside me, or sometimes even in my room when I just need that little piece of fresh scenery.

Our passions are to be pursued, no matter how improbable they may seem at first.  If you can dream it, there has to be a way to achieve it.  Here’s to all the nature-lovers with a busy schedule in the city.  Go make your own terrarium!


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